5/95 Soft Duck Feather Blend Pillow Inserts

5/95 Soft Duck Feather Blend Pillow Inserts

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The feathers are ethically harvested, washed, steam cleaned, and sanitized at the American Down & Feather factory in Henderson, CO. They are custom blended by weight and tumbled for hours to ensure a uniform mix and exceptional loft - perfect for throw pillows. 

  • Made in the USA

Paired with our line of bedding we recommend the 26" Square for Euro shams and the 16 x 24" for our Hale Mercantile cushion covers.


  • 18" Square 
  • 20" Square
  • 22" Square
  • 24" Square
  • 26" Square


  • 16 x 24" Rectangle


  • 10dia x 24" Bolster